We were the first on the market with an approved fire extraction system

Godkendt brandudsugning

As the first in Denmark, KJ has just received the approval of their ventilation extraction, so it fully complies with the Danish Building Regulations’ series of requirements for fire protection of buildings and stables.

As you are aware, the implementation and enforcement of BR18 Annex 8 has had a significant impact on the construction of new operational buildings as well as extensions and major renovations where a building permit is required.

At KJ Klimateknik, we have developed a comprehensive concept that complies with the regulations.

A basic element of the concept is a specially designed extraction unit with a power-saving OPTIVENT EC fan. As the first on the market, we have just had the extraction unit tested and approved by an independent testing institute, as required by law.

Our Gemini Graph climate control with fire function and Sherlock Graph alarm system also meet the requirements of Insurance and Pension 2008 with the option of dialing out to an alarm center.

This means that there will be no problems with the approval of the certified fire consultant when granting start-up and commissioning permits.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that there can be significant savings on the price of the shell when the ventilation complies with Appendix 8, as savings can be made on the fireproofing of rafters.

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