Ventilation and climate for poultry

Fresh air is an essential prerequisite for animals to thrive in the barn. Insufficient or varying air exchange has a significant impact on a number of important production parameters. These include growth rates, feed utilization and disease, and ultimately animal mortality.

Ventilation principles

KJ Klimateknik has 35 years of experience in consulting, production and installation of ventilation in livestock houses. With KJ as your supplier, you are guaranteed a good and stable indoor climate all year round. Your local conditions, such as the type of livestock, type of operation and building construction, have a big impact on which ventilation principle is best suited to your circumstances. Based on your needs and wishes, we find the optimal solution for you. Especially for larger broiler houses and chicken houses, the NORDIC concept will provide production benefits.

Your clear benefits of a system from us


One unified solution

We supply the entire air and climate package from the same manufacturer. As a customer, you can rest assured that everything works together optimally.


Economical & reliable

With a system from Munters/KJ Klimateknik, you get a competitive and proven solution. The systems are known for their high level of reliability and long service life.



The TRIO climate control is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to understand and operate the system.


Monitoring and control via smartphone or PC

We’ve all become accustomed to being able to do more and more things remotely. Control and monitoring of the ventilation solution via smartphone and PC is therefore integrated into our solution.

Ventilation models

Negative pressure ventilation

Intakes and wall valves

Negative pressure systems are characterized by air being sucked into the barn using the negative pressure created by the exhaust. We are known for our unique NORDIC (link to brochure is inserted) concept, where the air is led into the house through roof inlets and distributed using the star diffuser. The star diffuser has the amazing property of directing the air down to the animals. This means, among other things, that during hot periods, the animals can be kept at a relatively low temperature and receive fresh air. For a more traditional solution, we have a wide range of wall valves to meet most needs.

Equal pressure ventilation


Equal pressure systems are characterized by being a very stable and safe solution where the air is blown into the barn using a fan in the supply pipe. The air pressure in the barn is kept around 0 Pascal, resulting in a very pleasant barn climate.

Equal pressure ventilation can be used in virtually all operating modes and building structures and can often be the solution where other forms of ventilation are not suitable.

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