Heat exchanger for poultry

Whether for broilers or chickens, KJ Klimateknik offers an efficient and straightforward heat exchanger. Heat-X-Rotate from Munters is gaining popularity thanks in part to its unique cleaning system that is virtually maintenance-free.

Reduction of ammonia emissions

In addition to efficient heat recovery, you get dry bedding and lower ammonia concentration in the barn, as well as lower feed consumption and less stress among the animals. Experience from egg production shows fewer yellow eggs and more clean eggs.

The heat exchanger is built with a rotor wheel with an automatic cleaning system, which ensures optimal efficiency of the heat exchanger even in dusty conditions. The automatic cleaning system makes the heat exchanger particularly attractive. The cleaning system (pneumatic nozzles) starts automatically when the adjustable differential pressure is exceeded.

Heat-X-Rotate is more efficient than other types on the market such as plate, circuit and tube exchangers. The rotating wheel is made of aluminum, which is coated on the surface. The heat exchanger has a total heat conduction surface of 636 m2.

The air in and out of the heat exchanger is controlled via a climate computer with 0-10 V signal, as the heat exchanger takes over the minimum ventilation in the barn.

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