Energy optimization for poultry

KJ Klimateknik is at the absolute forefront when it comes to energy-friendly ventilation solutions for livestock production. Over the past few years, we have achieved great success with our energy-saving EC motors, which, when compared to a Triac-regulated ventilation system, achieve electricity savings of approximately 70%.

EC ventilator


Energy-saving EC fan

As a ventilation specialist, it’s important to keep up with customer trends. That’s why KJ Klimateknik has recently introduced a roof extraction system with a capacity of 31,700 m3/h. That’s a capacity increase of no less than 35%. The exhaust, with an internal diameter of 820 mm, is equipped with a powerful but energy-efficient EC fan, model Optivent.

In a new ventilation system, the additional cost of the EC solution is minimal, while an installation in an existing system, based on the current high electricity prices, typically pays for itself within 2 years.

KJ Klimateknik’s EC systems are also very quiet.

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