Our new concept ODIN GW makes it possible to monitor and control the climate in pig barns via smartphone. ODIN GW is convertible with existing Gemini Graph climate controllers and Sherlock Graph alarm systems and can therefore be implemented directly on many farms without having to replace controllers and alarm systems, but simply updating the software.

With ODIN, farmers get a full overview of all their properties and the ability to monitor and adjust all barns from anywhere in the world. This provides great peace of mind and maximum flexibility. If other users have logged in to the system, the farmer can also follow this.

Odin app
Gemini Graph


Gemini is our best-selling climate controller that manages both temperature and humidity without one interfering with the other. The unit is easy to operate and can control two barns/sections.

Creativity, testing and years of practical use in the most diverse environments have resulted in a specially optimized PID technique. Ventilation, heating and humidification are intelligently controlled to keep the desired temperature and humidity stable with minimal fluctuations.


If you want a simple ventilation control where you only need to set the desired temperature and ventilation speed, William is a perfect and affordable choice.


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