Air purification for pigs

In order to meet the ever-increasing environmental requirements for livestock production, it may be necessary to equip the livestock facility with an air purification system.

Agri AirClean

Reduction of odor and ammonia

More animals on fewer production units, a healthier bottom line, and cleaner air benefitting both animals and people! If you think this sounds interesting, read more about our Agri AirClean air purification system.

Agri AirClean effectively purifies the air from ammonia and odors in all types of barns with all types of livestock. The cleaner is particularly suitable for spot/floor extraction where the concentration of ammonia and odor is particularly high.

We’ve designed the system in modules, so you can obtain the solution that best meets the requirements of your barn both now and in the future.

Reduction of ammonia

The Munters Air Cleaner (MAC), sold by KJ Klimateknik, is capable of handling and cleaning ventilation air from the pigsty. Cleaning air is otherwise a challenging task, as the exhaust air contains large amounts of greasy dust. The greasy dust will stick to surfaces in the air purifier.

The MAC does not contain filters, but droplet traps that can handle large amounts of dust and can be removed for periodic cleaning. This innovative design can reduce ammonia emissions by up to 89% and was awarded the Agromek Prize in 2012 for its user-friendly cleaning system.

MAC Luftrenser

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