KJ Klimateknik A/S expands and takes over the assets from Agrifarm

Ambitions are high at KJ Klimateknik, which on March 31st took over the assets of
the bankruptcy estates in respectively Agrifarm Innovation and Agrifarm Construction. On the same occasion
a the new chairman of the board takes office.

“The ventilation sector has evolved in recent years to become more about complete climate solutions. In this perspective, the addition of Agrifarm’s innovative barn concepts and air purifier fits very well into KJ Klimateknik,” says CEO Allan Pedersen. With the new acquisition, Allan Pedersen expects to be able to better meet the needs and wishes of the forward-thinking livestock producer for total climate solutions that can meet the ever-increasing environmental requirements.

Ensuring customer service

In order to retain know-how and create a solid future operation, several key employees are moving to KJ Klimateknik. This ensures that customers can continue to operate existing systems from an IT perspective and that the necessary service and support can be provided. All activities and staff will soon be gathered in KJ Klimateknik’s current headquarters in Thorning near Kjellerup in Denmark. “Although Agrifarm will initially operate as a standalone company, the physical consolidation of the companies in the same building offers a wide range of synergies. Firstly, we can immediately share knowledge with each other, and secondly, we can share a number of costs,” says Allan Pedersen. According to the CEO, this should ensure an even more attractive offer for customers.

Ambitions are high

Another area where Agrifarm and KJ Klimateknik are a great fit is in the market. The focus is and will continue to be on the domestic market and close export markets in the short term. In terms of segments, pig producers take up the most space.

Agrifarm’s solutions are patented and included on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s Technology List. Both of which, according to Allan Pedersen sees a lot of opportunities for further growth and scaling in the longer term, where the biogas segment also has great potential

However, it should be emphasized that KJ Klimateknik has gained a good foothold in Danish poultry production in recent years, where they are the exclusive distributor of the complete product range from Munters. This segment must continue to be strengthened and developed, as there is also a basis for further growth, says Allan Pedersen.

New chairman of the board

In connection with the acquisition of Agrifarm’s assets, John Morell Frellsen has become the new Chairman of the Board. John’s expertise lies particularly in optimizing company operations and business development.

Questions can be directed to CEO Allan Pedersen on +45 51 67 15 26 or via ape@kjklimateknik.dk