Green transition

Our contribution to the green transition

The green transition is very much on the global agenda, and it’s something we all deal with on a daily basis. Protecting the environment places high demands on companies to reduce ammonia emissions and odor impact on neighbors.

At KJ Klimateknik, we have developed several solutions that help our customers in agriculture, biogas plants, wastewater and industry achieve their green goals.

Environmental technology that contributes to a lower climate footprint

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Environmental technology solutions for the green transition

For many years, we have continuously developed innovative products and solutions that help reduce the climate impact of agriculture. We have taken these experiences with us into the biogas industry.

With Agri AirClean you can reduce ammonia emissions by up to 91% and odor emissions by up to 83%. And it’s also approved for local exhaust ventilation, which is very advantageous from an economic point of view!

  • Our 0-Emissions concept can reduce up to 75 percent methane
  • We are experts in energy optimization of your climate solution
  • For environmentally friendly biogas production, we can contribute with a total solution to the air and environment package

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