Air purification

Ventilation for biogas plants

KJ Klimateknik offers to establish ventilation at biogas plants in biomass halls, loading/unloading facilities, storage tanks and raw material tanks. By choosing us, you get a single supplier, limiting interfaces and therefore your risk. The exhaust air is directed to our WTR AirClean air purifier, which is effective on both ammonia and odors.

Ventilation biogas

Biomass halls

We take care of all comfort and smoke ventilation in biomass halls. This ensures a good working environment and compliance with fire regulations. We can offer different ventilation solutions, but typically, equal pressure ventilation is a good solution.

Loading/unloading halls

In loading/unloading halls, we provide general room ventilation or local extraction at the loading/unloading points.


Biomass tanks

Displaced air from slurry tanks, etc., when filling slurry or other biomass, can be collected via a point extraction system and directed to air purification to minimize localized pollution. Since we are dealing with relatively small amounts of air, this air can be routed to the WTR AirClean and cleaned together with the emissions from the biomass halls.

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