Are you prepared for the heat in the barn?

Køling til stald

Now is the time to think about cooling!

To ensure the right temperature in the barn, regardless of the changing outdoor climate, cooling may need to be added, and KJ Klimateknik offers high-pressure cooling and sprinkler systems. Both are integrated into the overall climate solution and automatically controlled by the climate control system.

A high-pressure system from KJ Klimateknik creates a cooling effect in the barn.

As heat is extracted from the hot air, the stable air is quickly cooled and the ventilation rate is instantly reduced.

We provide high-pressure cooling solutions including humidity control for any barn.

A sprinkler system can be used for both sprinkling and soaking.

By sprinkling the manure area, you can control the pigs’ feeding behavior, and soaking the barn makes cleaning considerably easier.

Control of the sprinkling/soaking is via a solenoid valve that opens and closes the water for periods/times determined by either the ventilation control or a temperature-dependent timer.